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At all levels within Montana Mills, we take great pride and joy in supporting the communities in which we live and work. We strive to improve the quality of the lives of those around us ... from baking healthy and nutritious baked goods, to charitable events and causes. It is a critical part of our culture. Here is a slice of some of the great things we're doing to make the world a breader place:

Because we guarantee fresh baked goods to all of our customers, all of our retail locations donate bread that is more than 24 hours old. We donate our day old (but still fresh and delicious) breads to worthy local non-profit community groups generally involved in the care of the ill, needy and children. Since our inception, we have donated over one hundred thousand loaves of bread and this number continues to rise daily.

Montana Mills participates in a variety of community events both at the corporate and stores level. We take great pride each time we provide Bread and Goodies for community activities and organizations with our friends and supporters. Each of our bakeries is a strong supporter of their community throughout the year, from the Montana Mills Lilac 10k run where we provide bread to hundreds of runners to the American Heart Walk.

From not using additives and chemicals in our fresh baked products, to the use of recycled materials in our printed literature, to providing our customers with wheat bags for gathering their autumn leaves; Montana Mills strives to preserve our environment for future generations.

Children are an important part of our future as well as our present lives. As members of our own corporate community, many of us have our own children and share the same joys, concerns, responsibilities and pride in raising our kids as the rest of those in our communities do. Bread is a major building block in the food pyramid and we not only strive to make healthy baked goods to nourish our children's growing bodies, but we also work to educate children on the overall health benefits of maintaining a good diet. Each of our local bakeries actively provide tours of our Village Bakeries to school groups that are interested in learning more about how good bread is made.