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Children are one the most important parts of our future, as well as present lives. The little ones that light up our lives today, will shine strong tomorrow as the foundation of our future society. That's why we at Montana Mills place such a high premium on the positive growth and development of our kids. As many of us are parents ourselves, we share the same joys, concerns, responsibilities and pride in raising our kids as the rest of those in our communities do. We also understand the importance that education and nutrition play in our children's growing lives. This page is dedicated to kids and healthy eating.

The Grain Food Group serves as the foundation of the USDA Healthy Food Pyramid for any well balanced diet. Cereals, rice, crackers and whole grain breads are some of the basics that comprise this group. Good whole grain bread is an excellent source of essential dietary requirements like proteins and vitamins and the USDA recommends at least 6 servings per person per day. Montana Mills Breads in particular are high in fiber and low in fat. Our breads are made from chemical-free freshly ground Montana Spring Wheat that we mill into flour ourselves everyday. Packed with energy fueling carbs, Montana Mills Breads give truly give our kids the "Power of Flour."

A solid education is as equally important to the growth of our children as a balanced diet. that's why we believe so strongly in educating children on the benefits and practices of healthy eating. We also believe that learning about food can and should be fun. We encourage school groups to visit their local Montana Mills Village Bakery to enjoy a free slice and take a tour to see how we bake our breads and goodies. Interested educators should contact the manager of their nearest Village Bakery.