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We have a deliciously easy, healthy and profitable means of fundraising for school groups and not-for-profit organizations.

The Baker's Dozen Dough Raising Card

Montana Mills Dough Raising Cards are a great buy for any bread lover. Customers who buy a Dough Raising Card are entitled to one free loaf of Cinnamon Swirl, Grandma's White or Honey Whole Wheat when they buy any other loaf of Montana Mills Bread up to a dozen times. After their twelfth loaf, customers are entitled to one additional free "Baker's Dozen Bonus Loaf" of any bread of their choice.

It's Profitable

Your group or organization buys our Dough Raising Cards for $4.95 each and resells them for $10 each. There's a minimum order of 20 cards per group or organization.

As an added incentive to sellers, we'll throw in one extra Dough Raising Card for every twelve cards sold by individuals within groups. This card can be used as an incentive for your sellers or resold for a full 100% profit, increasing your total profit to 54%!

It's Easy

Our Dough Raising Cards are very easy to sell. The offer to customers is simple: buy a loaf, get one free . . . twelve times, and then get a Baker's Dozen Bonus Loaf absolutely free! This is a $53 value for only $10! Selling the cards is simple too. Buy the cards from us, resell the cards to customers for immediate payment. No tricky order taking process or complicated forms that require multiple trips . . . just a straight forward and easy transaction. Plus, our bread is so good, these card sell themselves!

It's Healthy

Loyal Montana Mills Bread customers rave about our delicious daily baked breads. We bake over 90 different kinds of breads including many h eart healthy and fiber friendly whole grain loaves. And many are cholesterol free and fat free, but still taste great. Our breads are an excellent source of carbohydrates for a health conscious diet. And parents love our breads because they're such a tasty and healthy alternative to many sugar and fat laden snacks.

Make Some Dough, Sell Some Bread

Montana Mills Bread strongly believes in supporting our community, and the schools and organizations that enrich the lives of the communities where we have our Village Bread Stores.

We're proud to offer this program as a "Breader" way to better fundraising.

Call us for details at 1/877-MMBREAD or 585/242-7540.