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Our classic breads are made with freshly stone ground whole wheat and only the purest most natural ingredients. They have no added fats, oils, milk products, eggs or artificial preservatives and no cholesterol.
Buffalo Chicken Focaccia
Cherry Cobbler
Cherry Vanilla White Chocolate
Cinnamon Swirl
Our signature bread. Sweet swirls of cinnamon make for rich tasting bread that is good any time of day.
Cranberry Chocolate
Grandma's White
Like no other white bread you've ever tasted -sweet, chewy and moist.
Honey Whole Wheat
Our simplest, most enduring whole grain bread made with 100% whole wheat flour.
Jalapeno Fiesta
Maple Raisin Walnut
A delicious bread loaded with raisins and walnuts and made with pure maple syrup all topped with our own maple streusel.
Whole Grain Goodness


We add mix of richer ingredients to our classic breads to create special favorites.
Almond Bear Claw
This bread consists of a sweet dough shaped like a claw with a delicious almond filling in the center.
Apple Raisin Challah
For a special touch, we add scoops of raisins and diced apples into our Traditional Challah bread.
Apple Raisin Cinnamon Swirl
Our signature Cinnamon Swirl bread loaded with swirls of mouth-watering apples and raisins.
Apricot Almond
This bread is filled with apricots and almonds, and flavored with a hint of nutmeg. Topped with tons of almond slices.
Bavarian Rye
A robust innovative dark rye, filled with caraway seeds and flavored with real sauerkraut.
Blueberry Cheese Danish
A light, sweet dough twisted with a delicately delicious blueberry cheese filling.
Blueberry Cheesecake
A round loaf with swirls of blueberries and cream cheese with a graham cracker crumb topping.
Blueberry Cobbler
Delicious loaf loaded with blueberries and our homemade cobbler filling all topped with a brown sugar streusel.
Blueberry Pancake
An awesome loaf swirled with blueberries and gooey maple streusel. Breakfast couldn't be any easier!
Blueberry White Chocolate
A delicious round loaf loaded with blueberries and chunks of white chocolate.
Caramel Apple
This sweet, oblong loaf is loaded with apples, filled with a gooey caramel and topped with a crunchy granola.
Cheese Danish
A rich dough twisted with a delicate cheese filling all topped with sweet streusel.
Cherry Apple Strudel
A light, sweet dough twisted with cinnamon, apples, tart cherries and our special cream cheese topped with a sweet cinnamon streusel.
Cherry Cheesecake
This loaf sounds like a dessert but it is really bread filled with swirls of cherries and cream cheese, topped with our homemade graham cracker streusel.
Cherry Chocolate
Buckets of chocolate and cherries and a light wheat create this delicious specialty.
Chocolate Bobka
Layers of dough surround a sour cream and chocolate crumb filling. Rich, satisfying and addictive!
Cinnamon Crunch
A sweet loaf laced with nuggets of cinnamon and topped with our delicious cinnamon streusel.
Cinnamon Raisin Walnut
Classic and rich, this whole wheat loaf is bursting with molasses, cinnamon, walnuts and scoops of plump, juicy raisins.
Country Italian
Just like you'd find in the hills of Tuscany, a hard-crusted slow-baked bread.
Cranberry Orange
You will not believe it's bread. Loads of cranberries and fresh oranges create this specialty.
Cranberry Pecan Cornbread
Sweet dried cranberries and crunchy pecans fill this yeast raised cornbread, all topped with our yummy corn streusel.
Daily Special
Every day we bake a special bread, stop in to find out what we have for you!
A blend of whole wheat, rye and white flours. This herb bread is seasoned with onion, dill, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds.
A flat, "pizza like" bread loaded with lots of herbs, cheeses, tomatoes, sweet peppers and mushrooms.
Frosted Fruited Cinnamon Swirl
Our signature Cinnamon Swirl bread, filled with apples, cherries, and golden raisins and topped with a sugar icing. This one is made in a toaster style square loaf.
German Fruit & Nut Stollen
This holiday favorite is an oblong loaf filled with raisins, apricots, cherries, currants, and walnuts, and flavored with oranges, lemon, and rum. We top this with a sweet sugar filling and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.
Holiday Fruit
Our signature holiday bread loaded with scoops of apples, apricots, raisins, cranberries, and cherries, and a touch of cinnamon and cloves.
Hot Cross
A festive white loaf filled with golden raisins, cranberries, currants, and a touch of nutmeg. Topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
Irish Soda Bread
Our recipe for this bread comes straight from Ireland. This non-yeast bread is dense, scone-like, made with buttermilk, raisins, and currants.
Jalapeno Cheddar Corn
A wonderful cornbread flavored with jalapeno peppers and chunks of cheddar cheese make this a moist rich bread with a little kick!
King's Cake
A twisted concoction of a sweetened yeast bread made with colorful fruit, made annually in honor of Mardi Gras.
Linzer Nut Tart
This oblong loaf consists of a sweet nutty base with raspberry filling, delicately braided to resemble the latticed tart.
New York Rye
A simple yet flavorful sourdough rye, created with buckets of caraway.
Pecan Pie
This loaf consists of rich dough layered with southern pecans and gooey pecan filling, all topped with sweet crumb.
Pepperoni Cheese
Gooey cheddar and mozzarella cheese along with spicy pepperoni and roasted red peppers added to our Grandma's White bread.
Potato Cheddar Chive
Real potatoes, sharp cheddar flavored with minced onion and chives make this a great savory bread.
A dark loaf made with white flour, rye flour and pumpernickel meal topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds and garlic.
Pumpkin Nut Swirl
A delicious pumpkin bread swirled with cinnamon and loaded with walnuts
Raspberry Apricot
A sweet fruit medley filled with swirls of raspberries and chunks of apricot all topped with streusel.
Raspberry Cheese Danish
A light, sweet dough twisted with a delicately delicious raspberry and cheese filling.
Red, White & Blue Cobbler
This patriotic bread is filled with tart cherries and sweet blueberries, complemented by a cobbler streusel in the center and on top.
San Francisco Style Sourdough
A tangy bread made in the tradition of the best San Francisco sourdoughs with our own specially developed sourdough culture.
Sesame Garlic Cheddar
Hearty bread filled with chunks of cheddar, flavored with a healthy dose of garlic.
Spinach Feta
A light wheat bread loaded with herbs, cheese, and spinach, gives you lots of flavor and fiber!
Stars 'n Stripes
A festive loaf loaded with plump cherries and blueberries.
Sticky Bun
Big, gooey loaf with a little butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, all hand rolled. Your choice of plain or with walnuts.
Sunflower Millet
We add a nutty flavor to our Honey Whole Wheat by adding generous scoops of raw sunflower kernels and millet grain (crunchy and full of protein).
Traditional Challah
Our variation on this traditional sweet egg bread which we bake every Friday.
Traditional Fruit Challah
One of our variations on this braided traditional sweet egg bread filled with apples and raisins.
Walnut Torte
Our version of a traditional Slovenian bread called "Potica", this is made with a sweet dough and filled with walnuts, honey and raisins.
Loaded with seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, poppy, and flax), it's nutty, crunchy, and wholesome.


Butter Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Made with real butter and sugar, this classic bundt loaf has a thin butter pecan layer swirled in the middle.
Golden Granola
Deliciously made from the finest whole grains, nuts and fruit. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol free.
Montana Gold Bars
Our wholesome granola baked with all natural ingredients into a bar, perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
Montana Mud Bars
Our take on the perfect brownie šč— one layer of silky rich chocolate and a second layer of chewy butterscotch all topped with chunks of milk chocolate.
Every day we bake one variety of our decadent Mega Muffins along with our Montana Muffin, a tasty and healthy muffin made with whole wheat and loaded with fruit.
Quarter-Pound Cookies
We bake our huge quarter-pound Chocolate Chip Cookies every day plus at least one other variety including Snickerdoodle, Molasses, Oatmeal Raisin, Triple Chocolate Walnut and Sugar.
Sweet traditional English treats made with sweet fruit and/or nuts. Baked fresh every day.

Daily bread selection varies by store. Please click here to find a schedule from your local bakery or pick up a copy at the store nearest you.